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School of Metaphysics

Iowa State University | 2017 | Studio 

This undergraduate architecture studio project explores the relationship between material and immaterial properties of Governor's Island in New York City.

OPN Masterclass

Iowa State University | 2018

These images were produced as a part of  a three-day work shop led by Neyran Turan in Spring, 2018 focused on climate change as a cultural and political idea that requires a renewed architectural imagination.

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Denver White Paper

University of Colorado Denver | 2020

This brief research white paper dives into the world of BIDs and their roles in affordable housing and community development in the City and County of Denver. 

eDEN Vision Plan: Connected Networks

University of Colorado Denver | 2020 | Studio

As people moved to the city, Denver has built a strong urban form, character-rich neighborhoods, and a reputation as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. However, like many other cities, Denver faces
the reality of a city divided by auto-oriented infrastructure. Through eDEN - a complete network of safe, green, economically thriving shared and open streets - Denver finds an
opportunity to serve as a model for the future of urban mobility.


Image courtesy of tripadvisor.com 

Old Course Hotel

Kohler Co. | 2018

The Old Course Hotel is a hotel owned and operated in St. Andrews adjacent the world’s first golf course. Together with local Scottish designers, the Kohler team created a set of  hand-drawn conceptual drawings to improve upon the existing guestrooms and luxury suites.

Lake Cabin / Pond Cabin

Kohler Co. | 2019

Designed as an addition to the beautiful site of the KOHLER Straits Chapel, guests can experience the remote beauty of the landscape adjacent to Lake Michigan with the signature standard of luxury Kohler Hospitality can offer. Located in Mosel, Wisconsin, these two cabins are nestled into the landscape for a rustic, yet high-end experience.

Personal Projects

Painting | Digital Illustration | Miscellaneous 

Miscellaneous projects for school, publications, or just for myself!

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