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OPN Masterclass

Iowa State University | 2018

Project completed in collaboration with Nakisa Dehpanah, Naomi Njonjo, & Thomas Goetz

This three-day work shop led by Neyran Turan in Spring, 2018 focused on climate change as a cultural and political idea that requires a renewed architectural imagination. The goal was to address the question of representation in relation to climate change through the design of dioramas that depict imaginary future scenarios within a fictitious natural museum that presents episdoes of resource extraction and waste.

Three other students and I collaborated to create a series of drawings of dioramas that explore the economical, ecological, and political situation of electrical waste in Ghana, Africa. Countries all over the world export their electrical waste to Ghana as a means of responsibly disposing  otherwise environmentally harmful materials. However, the infrustructure of the system not only does not dispose of the waste, but has grown  to be impossible to manage, endangering people’s lives and severely harming the atmosphere. 

The Magritte-esque  image  uses the visual contrast of scale between the foreground and background to allude to the deceptive nature of how the curation of information concerning climate change is oftentimes presented: reporting on small portions of overwhelming problems. 

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Process 4.JPG
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