Personal Projects

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The following compositions are ones born of a desire to compose, hone technical skills, and relax. Though whimsical, these projects allow me to explore more artistic methodologies to simply understand the world perceptually. Whether it is portraits, landscapes, or larger abstract ideas, these represent a less constructed stream of consciousness. They draw upon materials from old projects, photos, scraps from work, newspapers, sketches, and other artwork to form a reflective exercise meant to manifest the process of creating, and not necessarily to final outcome.

Menomonee Jackson final.jpg

Menomonee & Jackson mixed media / digital illustration

The Insect.jpg

The Insect mixed media / digital illustration

Black Pauldron was a project completed in a Wearables course that focused upon incorporating tech fabrication  into fashion design. This piece was handcrafted from out of three types of leather, 3D printed plastic filament, EL wire, and several types of joinery to create a look that fit the theme of the 2018 Fashion Show at Iowa State University: Resilience. The event was hosted by the Apparel Merchandizing and Design Department, and judged by several guest designers, including Patagonia. Black Pauldron received a scholarship for being first in the Wearable Technology category.

Black Pauldron fashion design / wearable technology


The City mixed media / digital illustration

Portrait 2.jpg

Portrait mixed media / digital illustration

Denver mixed media / digital illustration